Present our Disclosure Statement
As a first step we will meet with you and talk about what you wish to achieve both in terms of your insurance/home loan and future. We will provide you with a background on “Premium Finance”, the company and the services we can provide. You will be provided with a full Disclosure Statement and Scope of Services. Our process meets the compliance standards set by the Financial Advisers Act (2008).


As with any plan for the future, we need to gather information about you. This information will vary depending on the cover/loan type being put in place and may include gathering details of medical conditions, assets/ liabilities/ expenses, your goals/objectives and your current insurance coverage so that a review can be done to ascertain whether you have the right product for your current situation.

Preparing Right Plan

Using the best products available in New Zealand, we will then tailor a plan that will match requirements taking into account your current situation, budget, current and future plans objectives and requirements. This will be a plan that is tailored just for you.


We will come back to meet you and present the plan. We will fully explain the reasons behind our recommendations and work with you on any changes or variations you might want to the recommendations.


In this Step, we work with you to put your plan into action. This involves completion of application forms and gathering of supporting documentation. We then submit your application to the product providers and follow it through the process. We will keep you informed about the progress of your application and give updates until the plan is put in place.


Once your plan is in place we will touch base with you. We will at least once a year check with you to see if your circumstances have changed. A change in circumstances may require an adjustment in your existing plan. If a review is required, our advisers will arrange for a free review so that your plan is relevant to your situation to protect you against any future financial risks.