Premium Finance was incorporated with a very basic principal, “need:” To do the right thing for clients and to help the client get good, honest and unbiased advice.

Premium Finance deals with the best products offered by top Insurance and Mortgage providers in New Zealand. We do not follow a “quota system” for any particular product provider and place our clients with the best suited company taking into account their current situation, future goals, budget and personal preference amongst other things. Over the years, we have helped our clients save thousands of dollars by matching clients need with the appropriate cover.

The Auckland based team of Premium Finance has many years of valuable experience in the finance industry. Our experienced team of Financial Advisers (RFA’s) meet the required compliance standards for risk advisers in New Zealand.

We can travel anywhere in New Zealand to meet and discuss your needs.

Premium Finance operates like a one stop shop by providing other affiliate services such as Investments, Share Brokerage, Portfolio Build-Up, House Insurance, Car Insurance, Contents Insurance, Accounting Services and Kiwisaver through our business associates. Premium Finance advisers are members of Professional Advisers Association (PAA) & NZ Financial Services Group. A disclosure statement is available on request.