Low Documents Loan
Not everyone follows the same path, which means not every borrower will appeal to all lenders. A simple default on a utility bill from years ago could affect your credit rating and your ability to pass the criteria outlined by certain banks. Thankfully, there are alternate lenders that can help you reach your financial goals with a custom loan, and Premium Finance is well placed to explain who they are and why they do things differently.

Not everyone earns a regular PAYE income. You might be self-employed, a contractor, or you could work in a seasonal business and earn all of your income during just six months of the year. This makes it hard for some lenders to assess risk when you apply for a loan. As a result, many borrowers in this situation are unable to obtain a loan.

Premium Finance has access to custom lenders that can provide low documentation loans – which means regardless of how you earn a living, you can still be considered for finance when making your next property purchase.


Debt Consolidation
It’s not unusual for borrowers to end up with debt across different loans and then find themselves struggling to pay it all off. People caught up in this situation often think that if they just keep peddling harder they’ll come out the other side. Some do – but others don’t, they fall even further behind.

One way borrowers can stay on top of all their repayments is by consolidating debts into one loan with a lower rate. Even if you’ve missed a few payments on some of your loans, Premium Finance Adviser can talk to you about options for refinancing to help get you in a better financial position.

Bridging Finance
In many cases, a particular need has arisen in which short term finance will be required. Where such circumstances involve the impending sale of property, Premium Finance may be able to help you obtain short term funds really quickly. For example, if you are a property investor and need money now while another property is pending sale, we can help provide interim funding.