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Our Core Values

Integrity… Objectivity… Competence… Fairness… Confidentiality… Professionalism

At Premium Finance, we recognize the significant duty we owe towards you (our client). We take pride in providing you with financial security and peace of mind for protection against uncertainties. We also take pleasure in assisting you to meet your financial goals and objectives. If your objective is to acquire a property and/or to protect your loved ones against unforeseen risks, we promise to help you in achieving that. We will abide by our Core Values and provide you the best service.

Premium Finance has years of experience in the financial services industry and we give our utmost for all our clients. We make sure that we look after your requirements and protect your business, health and other financial goals. We are a team of smart and positive thinkers andeach of us is ready to assist you. If you are looking to buy your first home or an investment property we make sure that we find the best mortgage rates for you. If you want to protect your loved ones by taking out life insurance, trauma insurance, health insurance, mortgage insurance and/or income protection insurance we make sure we get you the best possible insurance products available in New Zealand.

We at Premium Finance believe in taking an individual approach for each of our customers and deal with everyone with integrity. We believe in honesty and our main aim is to satisfy each of our clients to get what they really want. We will find many alternative ways to reach your financial goals that can guarantee a successful outcome. Premium Finance deals with top Insurance and Mortgage providers of New Zealand and this helps in achieving one of our objectives, which is to see our clientele happy and satisfied.We will do our best to help you save thousands of dollars by getting you the best mortgage rates, structuring your mortgage properly and by getting you the best value for money in terms of insurance products. We are open for discussions and more than ready to provide superior advice.